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Here are a few comments from people who have bought the game and are playing it…

A text: Just played your game and we think it is awesome.

TradeMe comment: Awesome bible game! I just played it with my family. Thanks so much for inventing this great game. Great trader! God bless you.

TradeMe comment: Just wanted to let you know my children were given this game as a Christmas present and they really love it. It often comes out when friends are around and all our family from us adults down to the 4 year old enjoy playing it. I feel we learn alot from it, and the children end up asking alot of questions about the different bible characters. The timeline aspect is really great but over all it is a very fun game and I think worthy of some big marketing to get it out into the worldwide market!  posted by:  sophy

Email: J*** here, D***’s wife. A big CONGRATULATIONS on your ‘Discover The Bible’ board game that D*** recently surprised us with while away in Wanaka…we all love it and what a bonus of it being 2 games in 1.

 And not to mention the artwork and the overall quality.  What a great way for all ages to learn about the Bible and it’s special characters via your timeline approach. Board games are a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to spend quality time together. My parents have always reinforced “the family that prays and plays together, stay together.” We will certainly be encouraging sales for you. Keep on putting your faith into action.

Email: My son and I sat down and played the board game – enjoyable for us as 2 adults. Then friends visited with an 8 year old so 2 adults played the board game with her. She enjoyed it! Then I roped in the other 2 adults and we played the card game (4 adults + 8year old) What fun! As we tried to choose the highest character  value and beat our opponents– LOTS  of competition! LOTS of discussion too as we played, about the characters and why their rating was as it was.

Well made, good quality finish- will endure lots of playing.

Good price for what you get. 2 games in one – a great concept with options depending on time and number of players. Great illustrations- appealing in cartoon form, managing to capture something of each character too

From a youth group who brought two games for a games night…

We had both games going and the kids didn’t want to stop for supper. They loved it and didn’t want to stop until a winner was decided. Then the senior youth played and it was a hit with them also.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Bible Game. I think it is awesome and we feel so blessed!